Private patients and self-pay patients

Department “Premium Gold” Merian-Iselin Clinic

Department “Premium Silber” Merian-Iselin Clinic

In our practice we treat many privately insured patients and self-pay patients. Please bring – if available – the card of your supplementary insurance to the consultation appointment. Although we offer individual and competent care to all patients, we provide exclusive additional services to all private patients and self-pay patients.

Additional services in the practice:

  • Free choice of doctor for your treatment
  • Generous consultation time (min. 45min)
  • Preferred appointments also outside of office hours by arrangement

Additional benefits in the hospital:

  • Free choice of surgeon and daily ward rounds (incl. weekends and holidays)
  • Comfortable single rooms in the «Premium Silver» department for semi-private patients and «Premium Gold» department for privately insured patients and self-pay patients
  • Comfortable travel to and from the clinic with free limousine service up to 100km distance from Basel. Alternatively, a 1st class train ticket will be issued to you
  • If desired, admission can be made one day before the operation
  • Daily «a la carte» lunch and dinner in the «Premium Gold Lounge» with a visitor or guest of your choice
  • Information on further exclusive additional services of the Merian-Iselin Clinic is available in a separate brochure or on the website