The «Cockpit Principle»

At ZweiChirurgen, work in the operating room is always performed according to the so-called «Cockpit Principle». Based on the work processes and safety measures of pilots in an airplane cockpit, our operations are always performed in pairs and according to a standardized procedure. The individual surgical steps are compared and checked according to the 4-eyes principle.

The «Cockpit Principle» has therefore enabled us for years to perform the entire operation with the highest possible quality and as gently as possible, even in difficult situations.

Surgical Robot

At the Merian-Iselin Clinic, ZweiChirurgen have access to the latest generation of surgical robots (Intuitive da Vinci Xi®). The principle of the da Vinci Xi® system is based on the so-called master-slave assistance system. The operation is still performed using laparoscopy. However, the camera and the long instruments are held by robotic arms and no longer by the surgeon. The surgeon sits at a console on which the robotic arms with the instruments and camera are controlled using special handles.

In addition to the advantages of minimally invasive surgery (less pain, fewer complications and a quicker return to professional and private life), the surgical robot offers a high-resolution 3D image compared to “normal” laparoscopy, greater precision of instrument movements with more degrees of freedom and, finally, significantly better ergonomics for the surgeons. This technology is being used more and more frequently in hernia surgery and will become increasingly important in the future. Complex procedures that previously required open surgery can now be performed in a minimally invasive way using the surgical robot. 

ZweiChirurgen nutzen moderne Roboter-Chirurgie
ZweiChirurgen nutzen moderne Roboter-Chirurgie
ZweiChirurgen nutzen moderne Roboter-Chirurgie
ZweiChirurgen nutzen moderne Roboter-Chirurgie
ZweiChirurgen nutzen moderne Roboter-Chirurgie

Operations in the Merian-Iselin Clinic

Outpatient operations at the Merian-Iselin Clinic

According to the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health, some operations are performed on an outpatient basis (i.e. without an overnight stay in the hospital), provided that there are no exceptional criteria. These include, for example, unilateral inguinal hernia or hemorrhoids. The preparations for the operation are identical to those for an inpatient stay.

After the operation you will be transferred to the day hospital where you can recover from the anesthesia. We will visit you at the day hospital before you are discharged. Once you have recovered from the surgery, pain is under control and circulatory parameters (pulse, blood pressure, etc.) are okay, you can be discharged home. All the necessary documents are included in our patient folder, which we will give you after the surgery. After your discharge from the hospital, you will usually have 1-2 more consultations in our consultation hours. We recommend that you have a relative pick you up. You should also not be alone at home for the first 24 hours. We are available for you by telephone after the operation.

In rare cases, you may have to stay in the hospital for a night, contrary to what was planned. Sometimes the operation was more complex than expected, or there is still pain, nausea, circulatory weakness, or indisposition. This overnight stay in the hospital is then primarily for your safety and the patient’s comfort.

Inpatient operations at the Merian-Iselin Clinic

The majority of our operations involve a hospital stay. We perform our operations exclusively at the Merian-Iselin Clinic in Basel. In rare cases, we also perform our operations at the Dornach Hospital.

The Merian-Iselin Clinic is located in the center of Basel, is easily accessible by public transport and has 120 beds and nine operating rooms. The Merian-Iselin Clinic meets our high-quality standards with a perfect infrastructure, patient-oriented and friendly staff, the latest technical equipment in the operating room (e.g. surgical robots) and excellent hotel facilities. The clinic staff and our team always strive to make your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.

After registering for surgery in our consultation hours, you will receive written confirmation of your appointment from the Merian-Iselin Clinic within a few days, including your appointment in the anesthesia consultation hours. There, all questions concerning the anesthesia will be discussed with you. On the day before the operation, you will be informed by telephone about the exact time of your admission to the hospital. As a rule, you will arrive about 1-2 hours before the start of the operation. As a rule, you will be admitted to the hospital on the day of the operation. In some exceptional cases it is also possible to arrive the day before the operation (private patients, long journey, etc.). You should not have eaten or drunk anything for at least six hours before the operation. You are allowed to drink clear liquids (water, tea without milk) up to two hours before the operation. At the hospital you will be met at the reception and then escorted to the entry station where you will be prepared for the surgery.

After the operation, we inform your relatives – if desired. The detailed operation report will be sent electronically to your family doctor immediately after the operation. As with all reports, you will receive a copy. After the operation, you will first be transferred to the recovery room, where you can wake up from the anesthesia in peace. Here your vital parameters (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, etc.) are closely monitored and pain is treated. Often an infusion is also connected. You will then be transferred to your room in the ward. In the afternoon or evening of the day of the operation, we will visit you for rounds.

Depending on the operation and the underlying disease, you will usually stay in the hospital for 2-3 days. We make daily rounds in the morning and can always be reached by telephone outside of these hours. Before you leave the hospital, we will calmly discuss the further procedure with you, such as behavioral instructions, medication, incapacity to work. All the necessary documents are contained in our patient folder, which we hand out to you after the operation. After your discharge from the hospital, you will usually have 1-2 more consultations in our consultation hours.

Surgeries at our practice locations

We perform minor surgeries at our practice locations under local anesthesia. This includes, for example, minor operations on the anus and the surface of the body. After a preliminary discussion of the necessary procedure, we will plan the surgery date together with you. Please arrive at the practice on time for your appointment and allow about 1h of time. You should not schedule any other appointments on the day of the surgery so that you can recover in peace. No special preparations are necessary. You are welcome to eat and drink something before the operation. It is not necessary to shave the surgical site. For anus surgery, please do not perform an enema beforehand. After the operation, we will calmly discuss the further procedure with you. You will receive all the necessary documents from us (control appointments, certificates, prescriptions and behavioral instructions). We will be happy to offer you drinks and a small snack afterwards, if desired. In case of emergencies after the operation (e.g. post-operative bleeding), we are available for you by telephone around the clock.