ZweiChirurgen with modern Robotic technology in the OR

In the Merian-Iselin-Clinic ZweiChirurgen can use a surgical robot of the newest generation (Intuitive da Vinci Xi®). The surgery with the robot is performed in a classic laparoscopic technique, but it uses the «master-slave» configuration. The camera and the surgical instruments are mounted to a robot arm at the patient table. The surgeon sits on a console where he can manipulate the instruments and the camera using joysticks.

Besides the advantages of conventional minimal-invasive surgery (less pain, less complications, quicker return to work and social life after surgery) the robot offers a high-definition 3D vision, higher precision and degrees of freedom in the instrument handling and much better ergonomics for the surgeon. Especially in hernia surgery the use of the robotic system is increasing and will be an important tool for every future hernia surgeon.