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December 2019

ZweiChirurgen Jahresbericht 2019
Our Annual Report 2019 is available for download. (german)

2c Annual Report 2019

ZweiChirurgen at the 6th Salzburg Hernia Days
PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann is talking about «What is a complex hernia» at the Salzburg Hernia Days. Also, the collaboration with the Austrian hernia surgeons was intensified.

Important publication from ZweiChirurgen
In a new study PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann and Prof. Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff were able to show, that female sex is a risk factor for development of chronic pain after incisional hernia repair. The result could be published in the high-impact surgical journal «Hernia».

Read the article

Magazin Hernia
November 2019
DACH Hernia Symposium

ZweiChirurgen at DACH Hernia Symposium at Leipzig
PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann was invited to talk about the challenging treatment of complex abdominal wall hernias at the three-country hernia symposium (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) at Leipzig.

ZweiChirurgen giving a talk at the annual Swiss Midwife Meeting
At the annual meeting of Swiss midwifes PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann and Prof. Philipp Kirchhoff were invited to give a talk about abdominal wall diseases during and after pregnancy. The focus was on abdominal wall weaknesses (such as diastasic reit) and hernias (e.g. umbilical hernia), which are very frequent among woman after giving birth. Here, a close and trustful cooperation between midwifes, physiotherapists and hernia surgeons is the key to a successful interdisciplinary treatment.

Basler Hebammen

Dr Kirchhoff is awarded the title of Professor

Dr Kirchhoff was awarded the title of Professor
Prof Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff was appointed by the medical faculty Basel as a Associate Professor last week.

October 2019

ZweiChirurgen with successful «3rd Swiss Hernia Days»
In 2019 it is the 3rd time that PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff and PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann could successfully organize the „3rd Swiss Hernia Days“ as congress presidents. Experts and participants from all over the world found their way to the Congress Center Basel at the 24th - 25th October 2019 to learn more about the innovations and current developments in hernia surgery.

Swiss Hernia Days website

ZweiChirurgen at the renown IRCAD institute in Strasbourg
Together with other experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann has led the masterclass workshop in «complex abdominal hernia repair» at the renown IRCAD institute in Strasbourg.

IRCAD 2019 Strasbourg, France

ZweiChirurgen invited as experts to the 15th Asian Pacific Hernia Society Meeting in Indonesia
PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann and PD Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff were invited as speakers and faculty members to the 15th APHS meeting in Bali with other hernia experts from all over the world.

APHS 2019 Bali, Indonesia

September 2019

ZweiChirurgen at the ESCP 2019 in Vienna
At the European Congress for Colorectal Surgery in Vienna, Dr. Kirchhoff teaches young surgical residents on the topic of parastomal hernia prevention.

ESCP 2019 Wien

Important publication from ZweiChirurgen regarding «Sportsman groin»
A „sportsman groin“ is defined as a painful groin during or after sport, caused by an instability of the inguinal channel. This disease is very frequent amongst soccer players. Diagnosis is often difficult an must be separated from diseases of the hip and muscles. PD Dr. med.
Henry Hoffmann has now successfully published an important diagnostic algorithm for „sportsman groin“ with other co-authors from Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

link to the publication

ZweiChirurgen at the 41st Annual Congress of the European Hernia Society (EHS) in Hamburg (Germany)
PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff and PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann successfully participated as part of the faculty as speakers and chairmen at the current EHS congress.

Special honor: die recent publication from ZweiChirurgen in the high-impact surgical journal «Annals of Surgery» regarding «Small inguinal hernia as risk factor for chronic postoperativ pain (CPIP)» was rates among the five most influencing and important hernia publications this year by the international faculty.

EHS 2019 Hamburg
link to the publication

Philipp Kirchhoff at TaTME Congress 2019 in St. Gallen
PD Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff presented the latest evidence for prophylactic mesh augmentation at the Tatme Course in St. Gallen.

TaTME Congress 2019

August 2019
ZweiChirurgen invite to te Swiss Hernia Days 2019

Swiss Hernia Days approaching
ZweiChirurgen are preparing the annual Swiss hernia congress, the Swiss Hernia Days. The Swiss Hernia Days were founded in 2017 by ZweiChirurgen. Again, PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff and PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann were able to invite an extraordinary national and international faculty to Basel.

The 3rd Swiss Hernia Days will take place at the 24.10.-25.10.2019 in the Congress Center Basel.

June 2019

ZweiChirurgen have visitors from Sweden
Surgeons from Sweden attended a workshop with two surgeons to learn about modern fixation techniques for hernia meshes.

ZweiChirurgen with visitors from Sweden

ZweiChirurgen with important publication
Together with co-authors from all over the world, PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann and PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff were able to publish the new guidelines of the International Endohernia Society (IEHS) for the treatment of hernias.

ZweiChirurgen at the "Meet the Experts" at the MedArt Basel

PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff and PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann updated family doctors and physicians about hernias and proctological diseases.

MedArt Basel 2019

ZweiChirurgen at the Hernia Experte meeting in China

PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann and PD Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff were invited as speakers and participated at the "Nanjing Hernia Summit“ in China together with other hernia experts from all over the world.

ZweiChirurgen elected in editorial board

PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann officially elected in the editorial board of the „International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery“ at the Nanjing Hernia Summit 2019.

Hernia Surgery Journal

May 2019

ZweiChirurgen at the annual Meeting of the German Hernia Society (DHG) in Düsseldorf

PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann was invited to chair sessions at the annual DHG congress. This year the challenges of the treatment of large complex hernias were discusses with more then 400 participants.

link to DHG (german)

ZweiChirurgen beim Jahreskongress der Schweizer Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (SGC)

ZweiChirurgen at the Annual Congress of the Swiss Surgical Society (SSC)

PD Dr. med. Philipp Kirchhoff and PD Dr. med. Henry Hoffmann giving talks on current hot-topics in hernia surgery: chronic groin pain and «sportsman groin»

106. Annual Congress of the Swiss Surgical Society (SSC)

ZweiChirurgen found «Network Sportsmen groin»

Pain in the groin during and after sports is a very common problem and affects both recreational athletes and professional athletes. However, diagnosis and treatment are often complex and require good interdisciplinary clarification and therapy. With the newly founded "Network Sportsmen groin" we now work closely together with orthopaedists, sports physicians and physiotherapists to treat the sportsmen's bar efficiently and optimally.

ZweiChirurgen — Sportsmen groin founding
April 2019
Gastrointestinal Surgery Workshop

36th International Davoscourse for gastrointestinal surgery
Minimally-invasive ventral hernia repair
Treatment options for open abdomen

ZweiChirurgen Davos

ZweiChirurgen at the renown «Davoscourse»

During the international „Davoscourse“ for gastrointestinal surgery in Davos (Switzerland) PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann and other experts have trained more than 250 young surgeons from all over Europa in Hernia surgery.

Website Davoscourse

March 2019

PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann again leading „Masterclass Couse in Hernia Surgery“. With other experts PD Dr. Hoffmann has lead the two-day „hands-on“ workshop at the renowned IRCAD institute in Strasbourg (France). The topic was „Surgery of ventral hernias: from simple to complex“

Website IRCAD

Henry Hoffmann at IRCAD 2019
ZweiChirurgen workshop

ZweiChirurgen again leading workshop for minimally-invasive inguinal hernia repair.

With interactive case discussions and presentations young Swiss surgical residents were updated with the newest surgical techniques.

February 2019

IRCAD Masterclass course in hernia surgery
New exztraperitoneal hernia techniques. Website

PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff
was invited to an expert meeting to assess a new mesh implant at the Comparative Medicine and Bioimage Centre of Catalonia (CMIB)

Philipp Kirchhoff at CMCiB
qualitätsgesicherte Hernienchirurgie

ZweiChirurgen are awarded the «Quality Assured Hernia Surgery» seal for their work in the field of hernia surgery.
The seal of approval of the Deutschen Herniengesellschaft is awarded to hernia centers that perform hernia surgery according to evidence-based scientific standards and participate in an international quality assurance program for all hernia surgery.

outpatient surgery

PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff gives an interview about «outpatient surgery» in Switzerland in the research magazine of radio station SRF 2.Tune in here

January 2019
16. Hernietage

PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann talks about chronic pain after inguinal hernia repair at the 4th HERNIAMED collaborative meeting in Berlin.
Do small inguinal hernias cause more chronic pain after surgery?
Is the plastic mesh a risk factor for chronic inguinal pain after inguinal hernias?

PD Dr. Henry Hoffmann chairs a scientific session about «sportsman groin» at the 16th Hernientage in Berlin.

Diagnostics and treatment of the sportsman groin.

FomF, Forum für medizinische Fortbildung

PD Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff talks about new procedures in the treatment of abdominal wall hernias at the Surgery Update Refresher in Zurich. Details

Fistula laser technology

TwoSurgeons a reference centre in Switzerland that offers laser therapy of the coccyx fistula (Pilonidal Disease)
This therapy (also called PiLaT or SiLaT) can be carried out in our office and shows very promising results.


December 2018
SAHC, Swiss Association for Hernia Surgery

PD Dr. Hoffmann and PD Dr. Kirchhoff on the SAHC Board of Directors

Together with other Swiss hernia experts, the ZWEICHIRURGEN met in Lucerne for the first board meeting of the newly founded SAHC (Swiss Association of Hernia Surgeons).

November 2018

The University of Basel invites PD Dr. Kirchhoff to give a lecture at the annual Senior Citizens lecture series.

More than 600 interested listeners learned about proctological diseases.
Senioren-Universität Basel
Zusammenfassung (PDF)

Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff, Senioren-Universität Basel
Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff, Cesar Roux Symposium

PD Dr. Kirchhoff was invited to speak on the topic of minimally invasive ventral hernia repair at the Cesar Roux Symposium in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Symposium César Roux

Drs. Hoffmann and Kirchhoff were for the second time awarded by the Leading Medical Guide for their expertise and achievements in the field of hernia surgery.

Leading Medicine Guide

ZweiChirurgen, Leading Medicine Guide a
October 2018
Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff, Symposium César Roux

Dr. Kirchhoff is a member of the European Hernia Working Group attends this year’s meeting in Nice, France.

At the European Congress for Colorectal Surgery, Dr. Kirchhoff teaches young surgical residents on the topic of artificial anus construction.
ESCP Nizza

PD Dr. Hoffmann is invited to the Salzburg Hernia Days
as a speaker on the topic of evaluation of the new extraperitoneal hernia techniques.
Salzburger Hernientage

Dr. Henry Hoffmann, Salzburger Hernientage
Dr. Henry Hoffmann, IRCAD

PD Dr. Hoffmann leads the masterclass course on new techniques
in Hernia repair at the renowned Ircad Institute in Strasbourg France.
IRCAD Institut

Drs. Hoffmann and Kirchhoff conducted the 2nd Swiss Hernia Days which has developed into the most important Hernia Congress in Switzerland.

It was for the second time a huge success. With 270 participants coming from all over the world, they gave them a top-notch educational experience with state of the art lectures and live operations.
Swiss Hernia Days

Dr. Henry Hoffmann, Dr. Philipp Kirchhoff, Swiss Hernia Days